How to fix AEG FSK93705P dishwasher i30 problem in some specific case

We have a 3 year old AEG dishwasher (Electrolux) that started to give i30 error after some 25 minutes of working. i30 means water leak, which is basically that on the bottom plate a sensor senses water. in some cases, moving off the machine, tilting to 45 grades and putting it back solves the issue. This is what I’ve already learnt from the nets decades ago. But it does not solve the root cause, and many times there is a real leak that comes to the fact that the bottom plate has water inside.
So, firs of all this is a built-in item, so we removed the low furniture parts covering the device. the device in the bottom 12 cm has a metal cover that can be removed with 4 screws. removed the cover you can inspect, what is inside. in our case it was like 5 mm of water, mainly on the right front side. great, the flood switch was ok, but how was the water go there?
We made a report for the insurance/service company as our device has a coverage for five years. the reason why I decided to remove the cover was sars-cov-2, I do not want to invite any technician if not needed.
So, I was a lucky one. The repairmen made me a call that they are busy but they understood I am not average Joe, and we can discuss specific problems together. They have told upon my details, that leaks are mostly occour by the water insulation of the in-body lighting. They told me some details and I immediately oncovered the right side of the machine and made a test run, and yes, I had drops of water coming from the in-body lighting one after the other, resulting just a bit of water during the operation, but gathering a flow in the long run.
So I called them back asking if they used to use silicone sealant on just the dropping most downward part of the stuff, or should I go around. They were so nice to include a specialist in the call who explained me to fully open from inside the body and from the right side the lighting fixture that has a bayonette mechanism and a rubber stuff between the two parts. They use silicone sealant on both side of the rubber stuff and put in together and that makes a fix that will work for many years.
We made , with my wife, those recommended steps, with a sealant from the basement – always keep some silicon sealment applicable at strange times / and hurray, the machine is fixed. The good thing, it is not rocked science and the guys who helped me worth the money, and I really appriciate them to handle me as a partner not as a patient or customer.

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