what to do with hot peppers?

In the last weeks we could pick quite an amount of hot peppers (chili) from our first harvest. Only two types, one is a jalapeno, the other is a typical long chili like ring of fire, but as the origin is from years, we just call it window chili, reflecting the plant that was sitting in the window for years.
So what to do with the harvest. For window chili we made some rings for drying, but for jalapeno we tried to make some vinegar chili.

The important thing is the amounts. so mine is currently: 1000 ml water, 100 ml vinegar 20% 55g salt 30g sugar (might be much more, like 110g), koriander seeds, mustar seeds. I started to boil without vinegar and as boiling, cut the fire and added vinegar.
the idea is ~2.5% salt level, not much bigger sugar content.

After cutting the heat I added the paprika/pepper then waited at least 5 minutes, then put peppers in the jar and juice. Used some salycilic acid to be sure it does not get rotten, especially I do not make the traditional long run heat-down method.

The important recipe that should be available whenever look back on this:
I used 1l – 1000g water
100 g 20% vinegar (acetic acid) coming to ~2,3% at the end
55g salt
30g sugar (some recipes say you can use 2x as salt, like 110)
some coriander and mustard seeds

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