Covid-19 future

Here in Hungary, no steps have been taken to prepare to delta variant. In fact, they stopped immunizations for the a 20/aug celebrations, where they also had 700 k people to join without any vaccination based permit, and they are happy. Given the fact that delta is coming, it is not too much uneasy to see that delta will come in big front soon.
But we are not preparing for anything, no new rules, not even preparations. Exvcept, possible there will be some jab show 2 days before the schoolyear at schools. 2 days before. vaccination needs generally 2 jabs and waiting time, so about 40-50 days together. but we try to start at beginning of the schoolyear, which is about 10 days away. Are the schools prepared? tick tick tick? No, nobody receveived any exact orders what to to.
So believe or not, currentyl nobody is going to prepare to the next wave, there are no clear directions, but there are simlply no rules. Currently it looks like covid19 is gone and there is nothing to worry about. And the fact thct 30 000 hungarian died by covid10 is by some strange mechanismns not by the total unability of the govt to handle a problem like that.
Again we face of a great problem and the govt is not prepared, but it’s easy to see that they need to.
One more important step is to se what they gonna do.

As long as they are unable to do real good steps, like mandate masks, people won’t like it. And if people don’t like it they change their mind.
The important thing is that once delta will increase, government will have to do something. it does not matter what , but new orders are needed to show they are controlling the situation. As long mask mandate, obligatory vaccinations, and similar won’t be desired, what would they do.

The answer is simple. Two times they tried to avoid and wait to the maximum for on-line home teaching, but now even it is not desired, not efficient, nor a good choice, they will explain online teaching as the great new idea to stop 4th wave.

Of course this is just a brainstoring idea what will going on, but I will be interested how things go forward on this topic.

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